8th April 2022

All Scripts Targets Hit

A Single Proven Profit Making System Based on Advanced Price Action and Number System, This idea is conceived and developed by our Director after doing 11 Years of Research.

Finally settled with a final successful trading system.

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Look at this Chart given in Left Side:

Nifty Bank Spot Chart

1st Buy Activated at 37454 exactly then it went upto only our Sell Zone only.

1st Sell also Activated at 37765 exactly and reversed from our 1st Sell Zone.

Market came down to our Buy Zone only again it bounced back and gave decent profit.

Yesterday Bank Nifty Just exactly respected our MST iCore 2.0 Indicator (Tool).

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Look at the Crudeoil Chart in Left Side:

Market opened and 1st Sell Zone activated and Targets Hit.

again Market entered into our 2nd Sell Zone

Sell activated at 7425 high made only 7430

our 1st Target was 7283 exactly hit 142 plus points done in single entry.

Rs. 14200 profit in a single lot.

For More details contact us at +919500009154 / +91 9444738620

Look at the Zinc Chart in Left Side:

1st Sell Activated and SL Hit

then 2nd Buy Activated and All 3 Targets perfectly Hit

Profit made is 5 plus points

per point per lot its profit is Rs. 5000

so Rs. 25000 Profit in single lot

for double lots its Rs. 50000 in single day.

For More details contact us at +919500009154 / +91 9444738620

Look at the Gold Chart Left Side :

1st Market Entered into 1st Sell Zone and Sell activated at 51896

1st target was at 51729 exactly hit

So we 167 Points profit in single lot i,e Rs. 16,700 Profit

Here itself our trading is over

if you want to trade again keep SL at Cost to Cost to wait for the more targets.

2nd Buy also activated and Targets hit.

here we got 200+ points

So around 400 points profit in Gold single lot trading.

i,e Rs. 40000 Profit.

For More details contact us at +919500009154 / +91 9444738620

All the stocks and Bank Sectors also gave accurate entries and targets

for example:

  1. ICICI Bank






  7. and many more

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Look at the KOTAK BANK Chart Left Side:

Perfectly Market came to our 1st Buy Zone and Buy Activated at 1759 and all targets hit

Calculate the Profits yourself.

For More details contact us at +919500009154 / +91 9444738620