FAQ MST iSchool

Question 1 : What is iMSG iSchool of Technology (iiT) for ?

Ans : iiT School is online based education institute, it also offers on-demand offline courses.

Question 2 : What are the courses offered?

Ans : Please visit courses page.

Question 3 : What is MST iSchool?

Ans : MST iSchool is a Joint Venture with iiT School.

Question 4 : What is MST iCore 2.0 Tool?

Ans : It's an Educational Tool for Trading for all types of Markets like: NSE, BSE, MCX, CFD and Forex.

Question 5 : is there any Monthly charges for using this Tool?

Ans : Yes, It's available on Monthly Rental.

Question 6 : What about Refund Policy?

Ans : Since it's a digital Product, No Refund will be Entertained But All your Queries will be addressed at-most to your satisfaction.

Question 7 : How to subscribe to this MST iCore 2.0 Tool ?

Ans : Please WhatsApp us at +91 9500009154 or +91 9444738620, Our Sales Executives will contact you.

Question 8 : is there any demo available?

Ans : Yes, for series buyers Live Demo Available, for everyone Recorded video in Live market available.

Watch This Video for more details : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd98A1XkREY&t=459s

Question 9 : Are you a SEBI Registered ?

Ans : No, We are not SEBI Registered, Hence All our products and Videos are only for Educational Purpose. We are not liable or responsible for any of your Profit or Loss, Before taking Trades using this Tool or any of our Videos, You must consult with your Financial advisor.

Question 10 : Are you accepting PMS (Portfolio Management Service) or Account Handling?

Ans : No, Don't anyone also. We never ask anyone for PMS or Account Handling, Our AIM is Just to Educate the Traders.

Question 11 : is your company registered with Govt. India?

Ans : Yes, it's a registered private limited company.

Question 12 : will you give training and support post subscription?

Ans : yes, for the entire tenure you are subscribed to our tool and courses you will get training and support at free of cost.