Company Profile

1. iiTy School of Technology is started to carry on the business of both formal and informal education to train students in India and abroad for various educational programs, research and development of products and teaching aids to supplement education. To enhance education by developing products using latest technology tools using different mediums including internet, satellite, television, mobiles, tablets, and computers.

2. To develop the business of e-learning for all educational programs as well, research and development of products and teaching aids to supplement education. To provide classes both through franchising and self-owned centers.

3. To carry on the business of distributors, traders, manufacturers, consignment agents, importers and exporters of all kind of educational tools, kits, literature, accessories, and all forms of related equipment and to do the business as publisher of books, e-books, educational guides, magazines, e-magazines, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, USBs, SD Cards and other mass storage devices and various training and consultancy program for education and to provide education related information services through the internet and offer internet solutions to clients using emerging technologies, offer e-learning operation solutions, commercial and business advisory models/ aid to all business activities through the medium of internet trading, develop design on solutions and application in all e-commerce spheres and areas, provide applications services and technologies in the field of graphic designing, multimedia, virtual realities, interactive training stimulators and print.

4. iiTy School connects various other NGOs to operate on different field to empower the people of India to obtain an Integrated Sustainable Growth so that our Nation becomes a developed country.